Does self-criticism improves self-esteem or destroys it?

Self-criticism improves self-esteem in two-way. The first one is not to comparing yourself with others and to focus on what you can control. If this two things can be established, then your’s on the right track to building up your self-esteem.

Comparing yourself to another people shoes isn’t the fair thing to do. Whenever you climbed uphill, you notice that you will be the last person to arrive at the peak station among your friends. Ideally, it is best to compare yourself with your past self. You are the same person to have the same exact characteristic, but different place and time. Then, you can prove that last year you manage to hike up for 1 hour, but today it only took 15 minutes to reach the peak. This will encourage to boost up self-esteem. It keeps to improve and motivate oneself, just the way athlete trained for an Olympic.

Focussing on what you can control. The things you can control is your behaviour because it is not permanent, it can be trained and untrain. Same goes with knowledge, it can be learned and unlearned. It requires courage and self-acknowledgement for example, a bad-tempered man can control his anger. Most people lost hope in self-criticism whenever they focus too much on things that they can’t control.

Dare to stand.


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