5 Things that ruin anonymity


The trend to keep updating making it easier for anyone that has interests in us to really eyeing us in virtual’s world. No one is at par to the perfection/expectation they portray.

Keep in mind (obviously) not everything is true… people packaged it beautifully to show the world what they want people to believe and see, the reality might differ.

3 kind of person ANYONE can be:

  1. What (s)he want others to see
  2. What they believe others see them
  3. What actually happens to them!

How you can get busted ANON! Here are the list I can come out with,

  1. Mutual friends

Yup, this is the big culprit that will expose your identity especially when you have 2/more accounts. A big NO-NO to be friend with friends of your friend (geddit?) The world is a small place where you are meant to link to each other.

2.  Initials

Let say your name is Hugh Jackman, and you create an initial like Hj. Man. Higher tendency to use the same first letter for initials, because people loves to have that ownership of the writing, what not for the anonymity.  It creates curiosity and that lead to another curiosity. AND people being people love to solve mysteries just like Sherlock Holmes do, it’s entertaining because mysterious wo(man) is attractive.

3. Pictures

You might want to rethink again posting pictures with your family members/friends at the same exact place with the same exact t-shirt. Your anon side might not expose your loved ones, maybe just a scenic view from the visit as the featured photo. This is hard to control posting it especially when you have 2 separate accounts, one for your circle friends and another your anon side. What you can do, adjusting the time of release, keep your photo list for future reference!

4. Date

With detail such as date, place, tagging faces especially those similar faces doesn’t help much in keeping your identity a secret.

5. Interest and things you share

What excites you will excite the ANON you too. There are eyes watching without you knowing. It’s like the wind, they pick up information (**let say the breeze) without you realize, people are observing. People will do the same exact thing what Sherlock do – analyze the data and linked to something.. err.. something like linking the dots.

Have you seen the skimmed milk commercial, the neuron connects and PAPP!! They make assumption and conclusion.

Is it a bad thing? Depends. People are nosy because they have insecurities.

People are nosy because they have insecurities. Harm when it leads to slander and frustration. Keep it safe, keep it real.






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