Wrecking the nerve

Challenges will always come to you whenever you want to be successful. Troubling others is not a good idea. Toughs situation makes strong people. If it is tough for you, then you’re stronger than you think. GroundedHito

Younger version of adults

Motivate others as if you’re motivating yourself. Today, I had anĀ impromptu task to be the second speaker, motivating 12-year-old bright girls and boys for their upcoming national examination. I was not in good mood, I had received bad news a day before and I thought as if it’s a gloomy feeling all the way to…

Blessing in disguise

I failed then I realized, It is a blessing in disguise, I may require the entire villager’s prayer, For the reason, a brighter day today. GroundedHito

Suggest me your favourite weight loss and fitness routine!

Let this one be the interactive one. Here we go! Last 2 weeks, I’ve started my lifestyle changes, bit by bit. I’m aiming to shed off my first 10 kilos for a normal BMI. One of the reasons is that I’m inspired by my lecturers. They look fit and young despite their age. Not only…

Don’t break the chain

Courage and preseverence to keep doing what you love and few things that you hate, but you gonna do it anyway.  Hye, keep moving and don’t break the chain.