Suggest me your favourite weight loss and fitness routine!

Let this one be the interactive one. Here we go!

Last 2 weeks, I’ve started my lifestyle changes, bit by bit. I’m aiming to shed off my first 10 kilos for a normal BMI.

One of the reasons is that I’m inspired by my lecturers. They look fit and young despite their age. Not only they are good doctors, they lead a healthy lifestyle and in shape too.

They run and organize run events for their department (how cool is that!), some become Zumba instructor in the evening, play basketball, cycling, hiking occasionally.

Here’s my usual routine:

-A glass of water after waking up

-Drink 2 liters of water daily

-Control portion

-Eating for 20 minutes

-Plank for 30 sec, diamond push-up 10x, sit-up 30x, lunges 10x, squat (depends).

Writing this down makes me realize I don’t utilize outdoor activity as much rather going to the cafe for buying food.

This week I’ve spent my entire life in my room preparing for the exam, still ongoing.. **just need a break to write a post.


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  1. With the squat try adding weight to it. Split squats always make me really sore! Youtube how its done and you can hold something easy like a textbook for your weights. Good luck!:)

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      I never thought about holding textbook before. Thank you Savannahloomis!

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  2. Melan says:

    I did yoga in the morning a few weeks a go, it was good enough but my so many schedules ruins it😤

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Did you take classes or try out by yourself (self teach based)?

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      1. Melan says:

        I just scrolled ur timeline and found you’re Indonesian. Jadi ini bisa ngomong indo ya kak hehehe. Yoga kemarin di rumah aja, belajar sendiri, hehehhe

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      2. GroundedHito says:

        Serumpun dari Malaysia😅. Maybe you can do your next post about self thought yoga for future reference of your reader.

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      3. Melan says:

        Oh pardon me hehehehe. I’ll take it as a challenge cause it must be difficult for me as an amatuer

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      4. GroundedHito says:

        Every expert once an amatuer

        Thanks Melan!


  3. chape says:
    Take a look and let me know 😉
    Good luck for the exams!

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Thanks Sir! Definitely some work to do after exams.


      1. chape says:

        You are welcome 😉

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