Road to distinction #SE

Day 2

Motivate others as if you’re motivating yourself.

Today, I had impromptu task to be the second speaker, motivating 12 years old bright girls and boys for their up coming national examination. It’s a sharing moment and we bring out the reality from two different perspectives, from family of illiterate parents (my mom) and my humble yet lack experience growing up and the reality kids nowadays being brought up differently.

Thinking what best for the children younger than me, I’ve start thinking and do the reflection to myself.

To bring out the best of yourself:

1) To have sincere intention.

2) To be ready to face challenges, work hard, trained hard

3) Keep up the positive spirit, it’s a mental game where you keep motivated along the way

4) Have a good attitude.

And the best part of the event, the chair person for the event is a counsellor for the school and he’s progressively blind due to inherited retinitis pigmentosa. Despite his incapability to see, he remember facts perfectly without jotting down notes. He also got the best wife who supported him (did I mention he’s romantic), he praise his wife and being grateful for her presence all the time whenever her wife was not around.

Indeed you may find your motivation in other people stories.



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  1. loshame says:

    I like that 😊

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