Road to Distinction #SE

Day 3 

Be brave young girl!

I’ve got a message from someone who wanted to confess his love. I knew it is not love, it’s because he like my presence and no other people treat him better. Did I mention he’s (almost) double my age.

I’m expecting he will ask the question one day, not expecting today will be the day! I can always be someone else ears to listen.

I do reassure him from time to time that I’m not into relationship at the moment, but I can be good accompany to anyone that need one.

Telling the truth might be hurtful, but to lie is not good either.

Thats why man and woman usually hard to have platonic relationship, I know for man it is hard because of the attraction (some woman have issues too). Just move on and enjoy life as it is.

Now, I just wanted to give my focus to my mom and my studies.



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  1. Oh dear, this sounds like it might be a difficult situation to be in. But you’re right, it’s much better to be honest with this man about the way you feel.

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