Running again

After quite a while, it’s about time to let go some extra kilos. Just started my 3rd year and everyone looks fresh to start the clinical years. I shed few pounds, about 10 kilos and more to go, I’ll go slowly but surely.

Today, I find it easier to finish my 5k jogging around campus, and I regard my achievement today is the best one I’ve ever done!

And for this reason, I would like to share what I incorporate every day if possible, I do admit at times I skipped or totally forget about it.

1.Perform squat.

Maximum I’ll go for 100 x, I find it easy to climb stairs, hiking hills and RUNNING.

2.Do the lunges.

I do up to 20 times maximum. I tell you what, I’m terrible at lunges that I’ll be having tremor all over the body to finish the task.

3.Eat mindfully

Eating can be the biggest challenge as the temptation is always there. Portion control matter and I drink water most of the time. I serve the plate nicely and I plan what to eat.

I’ll have 10 kilos to go to achieve my ideal weight. Being healthy is totally a wealth, especially if you’re a student and broke.




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