Extra large cooking pot of advise

It was an early weekend that I decided to do laundry. Letting the machine to do the cleaning, I wandered to the opposite building.

It is quite a while I haven’t seen the EXTRA LARGE cooking pot. The caterers are preparing for a thousand guests, it’s for a wedding.


The executive chef is on the right, he’s the recipe’s keeper, with the help of 5-6 young men. He is an experienced caterer for almost 26 years. He met all sort of people and had been working with the aged, middle-man and teenagers.

He shared the woes working with the youngsters and I had my ears open to listen. It was hurtful, very sad to hear he claimed it is the worst group age he had work with.

I would like to share his message about it:

  1. Wake up late in the afternoon, you lose time
  2. Hardly goes off with the phone, you lose attention
  3. You love easy money, don’t want to learn the hard way, you lose perseverance
  4. Easily give up, you lose chance
  5. Poor motivation, you lose life

‘I’ve got your point sir!!’  *in denial state XD

and meeting him is a wake-up call for me too.

Mind you, he offers me tasty food and treated me like his guest of honour. I’m blessed.



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  1. His body shows how he really loves his job. 😆😁

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