How they do it? – The Chicken Griller

Grilled chicken in most stalls and restaurants in Malaysia will have this big grilled machine looks like a refrigerator, but inside it’s a nice radiant heat cooker. Two to three lines of marinated whole chickens in synchronizing turns. While some hawker will set the chicken griller in open space, then manually turn the chicken sides from time to time. You can see dripping of oil that melts from the chicken flesh. Voila! perfection.

This hawker I’ve met during my random kenduri (wedding) visit, he designed his own chicken griller set from used car parts – motor from the wiper.


And the marinated grilled chickens slowly cooked over the charcoal. Around 15 whole chickens at a time!


This chicken grill machine can be separated into parts just like LEGO pieces and it is easily fit into a van. I think this is an awesome DIY for an outdoor griller. Don’t you think so?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ya, saya pikir ini memang inovasi yang luar biasa! 😀

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  2. mariel says:

    It seems a delight


  3. natuurfreak says:

    Ze zien er heel lekker uit

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