The allure of the unknown

This one humble writer had his first meet and greet with his supporters in PBAKL2018. Giving off 10 seconds for each person for their book to be signed as a deal for the day. He was known to be anonymous ever since, and his appearance during the event was expected to be semi-anonymous (to me); he covered his face with black face mask, aviator classic sunglasses and a black beanie. Neat and presentable looking man in red jacket.

Let’s start with his previous book per se;

  1. It’s a story of him struggling with life (read as; money and living) as he pursued his study in London, met his best friend, came across challenges that are beyond the imagination of the youngsters especially 90s kid. It’s a reality that unusually happened, and it creates the ‘what if I’m in his position’.
  2. From cover to cover, it is from his own drawing and writing.
  3. The intriguing part how he puts appreciation and his perception to his books, keeps the reader grow fonder.
  4. The writing style just the way he tells stories to his another friend, not much of a linguist. This is more relatable and a casual writing.

Interact with his supporters and compliment them anonymously through social media. He persistently becomes someone that appreciate the readers and knowing someone that appreciate you as a reader. Now, that’s thrilling!

  1. He gives surprises to his supporters with small sticky notes, cards, and kind words.
  2. Let the reader make decisions at times, and regret it along the way but some are pretty helpful.

It is his work that lit the spark, but his anonymous being continues to burn the curiosity. It is the allure of unknown that creates the passion to know about the writer apart from his work.

He’s @itsteme @temeabdullah. I’m not going to tell everything about him, it spoils the thrill.

Let me know your favorite local author and their charms in the comment below! GroundedHito

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