8 Reasons Malaysia General Election 14 is an eye opener.

On the last 9th of May 2018 marked the most patriotic moment as Malaysian had their 14th General Election. Eligible voters throughout the country cast their votes on the day.

Here are the 8 reasons why it is an eye-opener for everyone:

  1. Oversea voters got their ballot paper quite late, it is impossible to reach the ballot box on time. So they set networks around the world through social media to connect voters and runners. They manage to bring back their votes, there are success stories but some did not manage to get before 5pm.
  2. New voter consisting of 34% from overall mainly from the youth.
  3. The first time an opposition coalition winning the General Election in Malaysia after 61 years under the same single dominant party.
  4. The head of the governing coalition is our former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir.
  5. There were no chaos or raid after the election result.
  6. Our 7th Prime Minister is the oldest Prime Minister in the world, at the age of 93 years old and he is not aging.
  7. They set a Council of Elders to advice on the scandalous 1MDB owns by the previous government.
  8. The release of a reformist, Anwar Ibrahim from jail and was given the royal pardon.

It takes the whole nation to work on their country. The government may change, but what matters the most is the nation to progress toward betterment.




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  1. arifahbadli says:

    Go Malaysia!!! Rakyat is king 🙂


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