Connecting writers 👧

WordPress is the best platform connecting writers and reading ideas. Thank you for your wonderful writing, we may be distant by a thousand kilometers but I’m more grafteful to be part of the virtual world. GroundedHito

Your Smile

I can see your figure from a far Waving high and I see smile Always witty in writting More so in person How I wish that smile is sincere Because people keep telling Anyone can fake a smile. Groundedhito

Never felt so happy like I saved a live

It was my usual lunchtime after ward work. I just have to use the stairs going down 8 floors, not much of effort and muscle groups for quick stairs workout. About 100 meters distance from the car park over the hot sunny day where I parked my car. I’ve come across an old gentleman with…

A year past as clinical student

It was around this time, I had my 1st Professional Exam before entering clinical years.. I was incompetent with my studies and failed the paper, had to resit the paper after 1 month. Praise to Allah, I manage to proceed to clinical with 11 others. It was my weakest point of my life, and I…

Pulut Mangga

Glutinous rice served with thicken coconut milk, with some fresh cut mangoes. It’s a bit heavy as an appetizer but surely the savour and the fruity sweetness gives a nice kick to any sophisticated palate. Served chilled. Just the way I like it! Groundedhito