Never felt so happy like I saved a live

It was my usual lunchtime after ward work. I just have to use the stairs going down 8 floors, not much of effort and muscle groups for quick stairs workout.

About 100 meters distance from the car park over the hot sunny day where I parked my car. I’ve come across an old gentleman with a walking stick in his slow-paced walk across the opposite direction. It was not like walking under canopy trees, it’s directly under the scorching hot sun. I offered a ride to the hospital upon reaching my car, he quickly shifts direction with the most grateful gesture. He wiped his sweat with a small handkerchief followed by repositioning his walking stick.

I had a quick glimpse through the rear-view mirror, he sat at the back of my co-driver. While my friend asked for the nearest drop off point, he held out his appointment card:

T. Aspirin (antiplatelet)


T. Perindopril.. mentioning out loud over his medication list.

You can have a quick guess on his medical history by reviewing his meds. Probably previous/ high-risk blood clot? Stroke? Heart attack? Antidyslipidemic and on ACE-i.. antihypertensive medication.

He wanted to get his monthly medication supply and the only possible way by traveling alone to the hospital. He mentioned gettingย a free ride from anonymous just like me or taxi if possible, he just unfamiliar with online booking service ie. Grab or Uber

It’s a quick ride for sure, but I’m glad to help him out. I realized that there are good people that need help. Giving a ride to a total stranger surely an odd act, even I doubt at times to give help as we overthink too much about our safety. Terrified by many stories about scam trying to manipulate and take advantage.

Do you ever give a ride to a total stranger? Let me know your story๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. I have not indeed..

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Hi Yusuf Muhammad, it’s been a while knowing you through WordPress. Have a good day, Sir!

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      1. Thank you, have a good day too..

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  2. Well done. Elders are not in digital world in most of the countries and extending small favors always a blessing. Well done. Keep the spirit up always. Cheers

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Thanks MercuryTwin ๐Ÿ˜


      1. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน


  3. chrissy says:

    No I didn’t. Not that brave

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  4. I wouldn’t here in the U.S. but I did once offer a ride to an elderly man out walking by the side of the road. He looked very confused. Turned out he was more scared of me. I convinced him to let me drive him to where he needed to go which was a doctor’s office a mile away.

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      … and people say superheroes don’t exist. Kudos to you!! Next time wear tiara, not a cape.. huhu. Did I say invisible cape??!! Oppss. Have a nice day EvelynKrieger ๐Ÿ˜‰


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