Skydiving tournament by Malaysian Army 2018

It’s a pleasure working as a volunteer for this skydiving event. The participants include the Malaysian Armed Forces, consists of three branches of the Malaysian Army, Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy. Contesting along with police and firefighters.

We were waiting for participants at the drop zone, points given based on accuracy for landing. Another 2 categories involved formation will be judged based on video recorded at the beginning they jump out from the aircraft.

These extreme sports comes with a lot of preparation and cautions. Safety is crucial, several times they have to evaluate, check and recheck their equipment and also their team members. Slight mistakes, your life is at stake.

The events ends with marching, closing speech and prize giving ceremony. Congratulation to the winning team from Royal Malayisan Air Forces for their sixth consecutive awards for overall category.

Volunteers for the last day (Day 10) before we had our last ride on 3 tonnes lorry. We had a long day under the sun. I do cherished memories with the people we met, not so much on my new tanned skin.


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