Grumpy and not happy

Writing this at 3.00 pm and still grumpy.

This morning I went out early to apply for my car sticker in campus. Upon reaching the counter, I was greeted by the security officer. It is just for my renewal of car sticker, we have to pay RM3 annually, which is practically cheap.

There and then, I noticed I only had single RM1 note. The only note and coins. I started counting my coins one by one like a kid breaking her first piggy bank. When suddenly, the officer notified me to pay for one traffic summon.

I dont wear my calm vest today, I’m sooo pissed off.

It was 2 months already, I’ve payed the summons (which I need to go to 3 different departments, first to the security to appeal for summon reduction, pay at the bank, and bring the receipt to clear my summon at the legal adviser office which the distance about 500 meters to the offices but the system did not update my payment.

It’s already 2018 and the university system for paying summons is so backdated and time consuming. Why they need to be so many departments managing summon if it takes simple payment from voluntary payer!

Later, I went to ATM/ cash machine to withdraw some money…and it was out of service! (-_-)”, twice!

Rushed to my morning lecture before 8.26 am.

The management only ‘use’ technology because every other universities do it too, who cares whether it works to benefit the community or not!

Update the post:

The officer suggest me to settle the case at another campus in person. Meaning that I need to travel 2 hours and a half by car because the compaund done at different campus, it is the worst and unthoughtful suggestion. Why can’t I just make a phone call at the first place again? I’ve checked the date and compound that they told me, turns out the officer wrongly enter the summons that belongs to another person. Weee..

Have you encounter dealing with management that fails to benefit from technology? Share me your story.


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  1. Desfortin says:

    I never experienced it; never encountered as you had to be exact.

    It seemed to be an unlucky day for you, right?
    But I think, you have the right to ask them and complain more.

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