You read it right!

I’ve watched tooo much of vlogs in Youtube like I don’t have life and things to study (exams coming in few days). And as usual it tends to be from one vlog to another and another one none stop!

Now I had headache! I need a break and stop procastinating. My life for the past few days was pretty amazing, I had trip that I suppose to document it nicely in the blog but ‘meh’ (read:me) got no words to describe it now….(procastinating again)

I’ve bought this one book, title ‘One Hundred Days of Happiness’ but I put it aside and without guilt watch videooooos because lazysoon (like a monsoon) hit me so badly that reading ain’t stimulate my endorphins.

The another reasons that I pickup watching videos (weee: another excuse) because I had sprained my left ankle so badly, that makes me walk like a penguin especially going up stairs! It got swollen all over the ankle. Thus, limit my range of motion. I’m stucked in my room, bed and chair…repeat.

Next time you see a friend of yours got sprained ankle, act/advice you can do immediately are.. RICE!

R: Rest

I: Ice the area, cover it with some clothe for 20 mins every 2 hours

C: Compress the area, it swells quite fast so you need to limit the expansion! The swells actually limit your movement.

E: Elevate the sprain leg

… and repeat

Since all my friends know pretty well on how to take care of the ankle, they are such an excellent helper anywhere they saw me ‘Penguining’.

GroundHito and RICE well!


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  1. Take care of your leg 💐


    1. GroundedHito says:

      Thank you! Btw, you have a very beautiful smile. XD


      1. Thank you so much ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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