Old but gold.

This building probably dated from fifteenth century and the first documented occupants in the year 1839. From tailor shop, ale stores, glass warehouse to waterproof clothing. Now it become as one of my favourite UK convenience food, Pret A Manger.

Like any other store, Pret in Cornmarket Street, Oxford not only serve decent food but also an excellent example of retrofit building, with a twist of modern interior design.


Whereby in Malaysia, it is quite rare to see old buildings converted to functional and stylish shop like this. Building mostly were damaged from poor maintenance, burnt or unskillful wood craftmen.


From the left you can see a money changer, next 2 shop lots in the middle belongs to Pret.


You may see small area of the walls are the original parts of the building connecting a few steps down to another section of Pret with one-side railing.

In hope that writing this, we can appreciate our old and gold treasure. The sentimental items, values and cultural history that are useful in the future.

Retrofit requires money, expertise and confident to preserve places like this.

Do you have any favourite old but gold places to share? Tell me your story!

Groundedhito. Thank you

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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    Where I live in Nottingham is ‘The trip to Jerusalem’ reputed to be the oldest pub in England, the original building dates from the 12th Century

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Woah!! from 12th Century 😰😰. One historical charm👍

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  2. anne leueen says:

    I love the Pret. When I visit England ( our son lives in London so we got to see him there) I love going into the Pret. They have half sandwiches which are perfect if I am not too hungry. Thanks for introducing me to this very attractive one in such a nice old building.

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Dear Anne Leueen,
      You’re welcome. I love Pret sandwiches too!!

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  3. HI,

    I’m sorry if I spoil people’s perception, but Pret is perfect from the outside, but very different behind the scenes.

    I survived Pret being bullied during bereavement. My blog sparked an undercover investigation to which I added my thoughts from 10 years experience in Pret.

    Right-click to open in new window or tab:

    If my comment is not okay, please just delete. But please don’t alter, edit or cencor it like some do. I’d rather it’s not released or it’s deleted than edited. Thank you.

    USA court case: Pesticides in food

    UK court case: NOT natural food

    Natasha’s parents shocked. No changes even after death:

    USA court case:
    Staff not paid, illegal practices used:

    Undercover investigation that was sparked from my blog:

    My own story and collected reviews:

    Another journalist from the Times explains this well

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    1. GroundedHito says:

      Thank you for the input,

      I can never compared my visits to your experience.

      It’s been a while from my last visit to the UK. I even captured above images in 2014, the business is growing and some alarming stories need to take serious action like allergic reaction.

      Keep doing what’s matter to you.

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      1. Thank you GroundedHito. Yes, I understand that the public sees the outside facade, that’s why the journalist Amy Sharpe who found my story on my blog took me serious and went undercover in Pret.

        It is with any business or House, Group, Organisation etc. we see the outside, we like what we see, we believe the advertisement and the slogans, in the meantime have no idea how it is from inside, behind the scenes.

        How many times are we shocked and surprised when news breaks of a terrible crime or “just” a negligence of people we thought were kind. The quiet, silent, nice person next door.

        The same it is with businesses. After my horrific experience in Pret, I have have a rule of thumb: If it sounds/looks too good to be true, it often isn’t and I take a closer look.

        Thanks for your kind words.

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