Blackpepper on everything

Im switching into food that is readily available for me to have in hostel and also easy to keep. On the side note, my hostel dont allow students to cook and we dont have refrigerator.

I’m by far is not a picky eater, I almost can tolerate any kind of food. Whether it is sour, sweet, salty or bitter, I enjoyed every taste as it is.

Im currently watching my weight.

I prepared wholewheat bread with tomatoes only or with cucumber. But recently, I discover that peanut butter and cucumber sandwich taste good too.

My peanut butter, which I prefer crunchy texture to combine with sliced cucumber, with half teaspoon of crushed blackpapper and caesar dressing.

Its is not something we eat in our community, but breakfast here involved so much cooking time and oily, I need to take a break. I just need to incorporate as much nutrient in my food intake. I’ve learnt it from Mediterranian, Turkish, Indian and European. If they can take fruits and vegetables in daily diet, I can do it too.

Whatever Im eating now, I love to have it with crushed blackpepper, I just love the taste. My first 50mg blackpepper is finishing soon. I can eat them like popcorns now.


I just wanna know is there any food that you can’t live without at the moment? Share to me in the comment section below. Have a nice day!

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