Year 2020 is such a roller coaster to everyone, we may be affected by this pandemic in anyway. Stay safe and sane.

Welcome to GroundedHito.

Hi, as the sole writer for GroundedHito, I wish you a great time on my blog as much I enjoyed creating it. Grounded /ˈɡraʊndɪd/ is a well balanced and sensible, which is a very strong word to start with (Oppss..) and Hito is simply person in Japanese. Strong yet simple.

I started writing to share my story. I love to joke around close friends, cracking jokes, witty in real but not in writing. Literally, it is a tense hobby (No pun intended!). Interesting about writing for me is that it is not something I am comfortable with, writers can indulge in their thought with ideas flowing and drowning in writing for hours. But that do not happen to me. Way too much of thought blocks when it comes to write. Imagine if I spend an hour to write caption, more so a post.

I’m on my final lap in a local University in Malaysia, got extended the final examination due to eventful Covid-19, yet I have another 3 months to go. Then what? With all this uncertainty, I’ll rather say I’ll go with the flow, work hard and enjoy life.

Thank you by GroundedHito

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