Red Ruby

This homemade silky smooth sweet coconut shaved ice, topped with red chewwy water chestnut and sliced jackfruit for appetizer. GroundedHito

Styling tablet case

Just recently I found my mother’s unused tablet and decided to use as my ebook. It’s an older version of Samsung tablet. The tab is still in good condition for reading but the case was so badly torn. I’ve been to 3 different stores for the tablet case but was turned down as they no longer…

Running again

After quite a while, it’s about time to let go some extra kilos. Just started my 3rd year and everyone looks fresh to start the clinical years. I shed few pounds, about 10 kilos and more to go, I’ll go slowly but surely. Today, I find it easier to finish my 5k jogging around campus,…

Blessing in disguise

I failed then I realized, It is a blessing in disguise, I may require the entire villager’s prayer, For the reason, a brighter day today. GroundedHito

4 perspektif melihat duit

**Gambar: student buat kerja part-time kayuh basikal ala2 beca di Paris. Waktu ni tengah tengok Map nak pegi Pompidou, tapi sebab dia bukan local.. Dia pon kena tgk map😂😂 Dikarang dalam bentuk cerita untuk aku highlightkan perspektif duit sebagai medium dalam manfaatkan hidup kita: Medium untuk berurusan Walaupun kisah ni biasa-biasa saja, kira dah 2…