Blessing in disguise

I failed then I realized, It is a blessing in disguise, I may require the entire villager’s prayer, For the reason, a brighter day today. GroundedHito Advertisements

Suggest me your favourite weight loss and fitness routine!

Let this one be the interactive one. Here we go! Last 2 weeks, I’ve started my lifestyle changes, bit by bit. I’m aiming to shed off my first 10 kilos for a normal BMI. One of the reasons is that I’m inspired by my lecturers. They look fit and young despite their age. Not only…

Don’t break the chain

Courage and preseverence to keep doing what you love and few things that you hate, but you gonna do it anyway.  Hye, keep moving and don’t break the chain.

When silence is gold

Remain patiently not to say words can be challenging task, it is called self control.  Silence helps not to spread rumors. It stops making someone look bad and feel bad. Silence also encourages us for not doing unnecessary judgements and comments. Remain silent when talking doesn’t improve a situation. Silence can be a communication that…

4 perspektif melihat duit

**Gambar: student buat kerja part-time kayuh basikal ala2 beca di Paris. Waktu ni tengah tengok Map nak pegi Pompidou, tapi sebab dia bukan local.. Dia pon kena tgk map😂😂 Dikarang dalam bentuk cerita untuk aku highlightkan perspektif duit sebagai medium dalam manfaatkan hidup kita: Medium untuk berurusan Walaupun kisah ni biasa-biasa saja, kira dah 2…