Don’t break the chain

Courage and preseverence to keep doing what you love and few things that you hate, but you gonna do it anyway.  Hye, keep moving and don’t break the chain. Advertisements

When silence is gold

Remain patiently not to say words can be challenging task, it is called self control.  Silence helps not to spread rumors. It stops making someone look bad and feel bad. Silence also encourages us for not doing unnecessary judgements and comments. Remain silent when talking doesn’t improve a situation. Silence can be a communication that…

4 perspektif melihat duit

**Gambar: student buat kerja part-time kayuh basikal ala2 beca di Paris. Waktu ni tengah tengok Map nak pegi Pompidou, tapi sebab dia bukan local.. Dia pon kena tgk map😂😂 Dikarang dalam bentuk cerita untuk aku highlightkan perspektif duit sebagai medium dalam manfaatkan hidup kita: Medium untuk berurusan Walaupun kisah ni biasa-biasa saja, kira dah 2…

Aleppo Soap

This Aleppo laurel soap have this distinct earth scent. Come in with simple packaging of multiple small sized handmade soap bar. The soap is so handy, it does not irritate the skin, and give a supple and soft feeling after use.  All prayers for the safety of Syrian people in Aleppo. GrondedHito

50 days prior Proexam

A loving husband observe. He was a British pharmacist who noticed his wife, who at the time was on Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor,MAOI **maybe she’s taking antidepression/Parkinson’s dx medication start to have severe headaches when eating cheese. For this reason, the crisis is still called the “cheese effect” or “cheese crisis”, though other foods can cause the…