By all means, she persisted.

It’s been a while since everyone leaves secondary school and went to different universities, local and abroad. We managed to gather for all girls trip to one of our newly- wed friend. All the way to the East Coast. This friend of mine wanted to do fishing. She managed to get the fishing rod and…

Grumpy and not happy

Writing this at 3.00 pm and still grumpy. This morning I went out early to apply for my car sticker in campus. Upon reaching the counter, I was greeted by the security officer. It is just for my renewal of car sticker, we have to pay RM3 annually, which is practically cheap. There and then,…

Skydiving tournament by Malaysian Army 2018

It’s a pleasure working as a volunteer for this skydiving event. The participants include the Malaysian Armed Forces, consists of three branches of the Malaysian Army, Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy. Contesting along with police and firefighters. We were waiting for participants at the drop zone, points given based on accuracy…

Connecting writers 👧

WordPress is the best platform connecting writers and reading ideas. Thank you for your wonderful writing, we may be distant by a thousand kilometers but I’m more grafteful to be part of the virtual world. GroundedHito

Your Smile

I can see your figure from a far Waving high and I see smile Always witty in writting More so in person How I wish that smile is sincere Because people keep telling Anyone can fake a smile. Groundedhito