10 things #Stayhome activities.


Im back writing and I want to know how are you during this pandemic? Hope it is all well with you and loved ones. #StayHome and I still had my humour intact and my sanity in check, for Malaysia it is almost 3 months of #stayhome, everything resume back to pre-Covid 19, with new norm. People going to work again, schools are opening, and queuing is never ending everywhere now.

I hope you are doing fine. Before Malaysia announced for restriction of movement, I managed to went back home, first it was 2 weeks but extended to 3 months. It is the longest stay for me and mom. We never had such long holidays, or spend time together like this. Mom of course start to have down mood and restless that she want to go outside. Nagging like small kid. Haha

I cant stay put, so my day always full of things to do or need to do.

  1. Cooking

Everyone is trying new recipes, home-made of everything they wanted to try, to eat as they can’t eat out. Im not fond in baking but my cinna-rolls are on fire (technically oven).

Previously, both mom and I didnt stay together, we rarely cook together. During stay home, we both pick up and prepare it in less time. Some days it turns out amazing but someday you quietly throw unedible piece (with lesson learnt).

and food plating like it just came out from tropical jungle.

2. Planting

I’m semi-green finger, it’s a 50-50 chance of the plant to live. But to see them grow is just amazing! Most people opt for decorated plant, but I planted spices, ginger, pandan, chillies. My garlic unfortunately grow roots only, dont know why. I didnt manage to save my mint, maybe because I planted it from store I bought it, it was suppose to be eaten, but I guess planting them for stock. But no luck. Haha

Also my orchids, this is a mess!! I watered them daily but I noticed the leaves and flower are diseased, like spots on it.. I put fertilized as required, but I dont know what I missed or do it wrongly. I’ll show you the flowers that bloom before #stayhome ends.

Replanted the orchid, after my aunt came to visit and made some suggestion.

3. Pet caretaker

I dont like cat but I dont hate them. Since #stayhome I’ve started to take care of mommy cat, delivered 4 kitten. So Im dealing with the fierce, flabby breastfed mommy cat, I ensure she gets food for her babies. This is not my cat. But cat are like everywhere. ‘I take care of your nutrition and you take care of your kitten!’. Seems like she agreed with the rules.. Im fine

4. Light bulb changer

I changed light bulbs, 15 of them..changing them is not a problem but to be at high place on ladder is quite challenging.

5. Plumber

This is terrible one, our sink got leaking, it is in front of mom’s room. And ofcourse I’m concerned about the slippery floor. I tried Do-it-Yourself- Sink, but nothing works. Leaking..Dripping.

After the restriction of movement got less strict. Is it called re-STRICT-ion or less-STRICT-ion after that, hahaha. We got a professional plumber to help out.

6. Fulltime homemaker

If you are on the same boat. It’s tiring but you’re awesome!!

7. Student

Teaching-learning all shift to online session.

8. Babysitting

Kindergarten closed and that’s how my role came in. I’m showered with loves and annoying play from both my niece and nephew.

9. Buy groceries

It is allowed to go out for buying essential items, groceries and with that responsibility I took open-heartedly to get my little freedom out but safely.

10. Daughter

This is 24/7 job but I just want to put it down the list because I dont want to brag how good I am at offering daughter-duty. Haha

Done. and I dont think gaining weight is part of my list I agreed of doing during my stay home.

Thank you.

8th July today, I’m back at Uni. I’ve just had my examination to prepare clinical students to be introduce back to hospital, re-enforcing handwashing and handrubbing, all the new norms to be followed until graduated. Let me know your activities during stay at home!!


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    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing


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